National Health Research Development Committee

National Health Research Development Committee

The National Health Research Development Committee (NHRDC) is a Technical Committee established as a sub-committee of the Council to provide oversight on all health research conducted in Zimbabwe. All health research conducted in Zimbabwe by any individual or institution is required to receive approval of the NHRDC before initiation.   The Council/Board may further review, approve or disapprove health research that has been approved or not approved by the NHRDC as appropriate. Members are expected to have interest, knowledge and experience related to the conduct of health research.

The Members:


1.  Dr E. Shana                                     Chair

2. Prof T. Kureya                                   Statistician

3. Dr P. Makoni                                     Biomedical Scientist 

4. Prof R.B.L. Gutsire                            Immunologist

5. Dr N. Mgodi                                      Clinician/Histopathologist

6. Dr Muparamoto                               Social Scientist

7. Dr Z. Jokomo                                   Social Scientist

8. Mr T. Mudzviti                                  Pharmacist

9. Mrs P. Nyambayo/Mr L. Chirinda   MCAZ

10. Mr T. Kujinga                                   Lawyer

11. Dr W. Mavhu                                   Social scientist

12. Dr Chawana                                   Research Clinician

13. Ms C. Matyanga                             Pharmacist