Ethical Oversight

Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe is responsible for providing guidance and oversight for the protection of human research participants.  It is responsible for the following oversight functions:

  •  Review, approve, modify all health research proposals prior to the commencement of the research.
  • Conduct continuining review of research activities.
  • Suspend or terminate approval of research not being conducted in accordance with the MRCZ requirements.
  • Formation and Accreditation of Institutional Review Boards (IRB).


The MRCZ offers training in:

  • Ethics and Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • Responsible Conduct of Health Research
  • Research Ethics: Basic and Advanced
  • Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP)
  • Monitoring of Health Research
  • Ethics Review of Health Research for Institutional Review Boards.

The training programme aims at providing basic understanding in biomedical research ethics. 

The MRCZ inspects all approved research studies to check on researchers` compliance against the approved protocol and the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Requirements. A number of research aspects are checked including:

  • Equipment and resources available at the site.
  • Staff qualifications and experience.
  •  Office space and the consulting procedures
  •  Laboratory facilities where applicable.
  • Face to face interviews with research participants.
  • Documentation available including National Ethics Approval Documentation.

Community Activities

  • Training of Community Advisory Boards (CABs).
  • Training of Research participants in research ethics and human rights.
  • Handling of complaints and enquiries from research participants.