Complementary / Traditional Medicines Research Committee

The Complementary/Traditional Medicines Research Committee (CTMRC) was established as a sub-committee of the Council to provide oversight on all research involving complementary/traditional medicines conducted within Zimbabwe by any individuals or institutions.  All research involving complementary medicines and involving human beings, is required to be reviewed and approved by CTMRC before initiation.   CTMRC is accountable to the Council/Board.  The Committee ensures that all research involving complementary medicines is conducted using high scientific, safety and ethical standards that ensures integrity of data as well as the safety of participants, research staff, the public and the environment.  CTMRC will normally consider research proposal submissions but may also consider any matters or issues referred to it by the Board, Ministry of Health and Child Care, Professional Associations for Complementary /Traditional Medicines practitioners and any other interested parties. Members are expected to have interest, knowledge and experience related to complementary medicines research. Members will normally be appointed for three-year terms.


1. Prof C.B. Nhachi          The Chairperson
2. Prof Gundidza
3. Dr N. Munyonga
4. Mr Ndoro
5. Dr Marechera
6. Mr N. Mudzingwa
7. Ms R. Mbudzi
8. Professional Representative
9. Prof. T. Mduluza
10. Prof. C. Masimirembwa