MRCZ Council / Board is made up of members representing various stakeholders in the health arena including Ministry of Health and Child Care, Medical AID Societies, Life Offices, Academic institutions and others. Membership of the Council is as directed through Government Notice Number 225 of 1974. Council/ Board Members are appointed by the Minister of Health and Child Care for a three year term of office. As a way of ensuring efficiency, the MRCZ Council / Board discharges some of its mandates through the Executive Committee and three Technical Committees namely National Health Research Development Committee (NHRDC), Complementary / Traditional Medicines Research Committee (CTMRC) and the Research Funding Committee. All Committees are standing committees of the MRCZ and perform their responsibilities under and on behalf of the MRCZ Council, which is headed by the MRCZ Chairperson. All committee members are appointed by the MRCZ Chairperson.The activities of the Board and its Committees are coordinated by the MRCZ Secretariat which is headed by the MRCZ Director.