Additional activities include substantial interests in retail commercial shopping center investments and development. Mr. Rashkow is being re nominated as a Director because, among his other qualifications, he possesses experience and expertise in the retail industry, executive compensation, risk management Cheap Christian Louboutin, operations as a chief executive officer and advisory services to retail companies and private equity groups focused on retail companies..

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cheap christian louboutin uk shoes Turning to our developments. Leasing of the center is complete with over 99% of the space signed. Today we’re about 90% occupied and expect to be fully occupied with over 220 stores by year end. One of Hunter’s inside crew let me in on the secret last night at the launch of Hunter’s new range with The Warehouse. “Shhh no one knows, but I can trust you,” she said, “your column won’t come out Sunday and Rachel will be long gone by then,” the insider who actually arrived in the country on Monday despite attempts to make it look like she’d just jetted in to announce the launch, is jetting out tomorrow. Team Rachel suggested she was flying out hours after the launch party so as not to arouse suspicion cheap christian louboutin uk shoes.